Fire Suppression Systems

1.FM-200 Extinguishing Systems
FM-200 waterless extinguishing system offers a fast and effective way to detect and extinguish a fire. It prevents extensive fire damage and minimizes combustion by-products. It does not cause collateral damage or downtime, making it an ideal protection solution.
FM-200 is the most widely used Halon Replacement. It is an affordable fire protection solution with systems costing a fraction of the assets being protected.
3.Suppression Detection and Controls
SWTL-E.A. offers different Control Panels to meet every need. Whether you are protecting one room or a whole campus of buildings we provide conventional and addressable control equipment to fit your requirements.
4. SmartOne Detector Features:
A SmartOne device offers rapid alarm response and Fail-Soft operation.  Fail-Soft operation combats unlikely communication link failure between the Control Unit and the individual detector; if a failure were to occur, the detector would operate as a standard alarm point on a conventional type zone circuit.

5. AlarmLine Linear Heat Detection
It is a unique fire and Overheat Detection System that is suitable for all types of dusty, hazardous, vibrating and/or inaccessible applications.

6. VoiceEvacuation
SWTL-E.A. also provides emergency voice evacuation system for notification to occupants during emergency events.

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