Software Engineering/Web Development & Upgrades

If you are looking for a way to harness your data and transform it into useful, useable information, then look no further. SWTL-E.A. and its principals have worked with a wide range of organizations to successfully deliver business intelligence consulting, training and products that have helped to drastically improve business performance. SWTL-E.A. understands that the task of implementing business intelligence solutions can be a daunting one, which is why we exist. We provide the knowledge and expertise of a leading and well-established Business Intelligence consultancy, whilst working closely with you to deliver tailor-made solutions, on time and to budget.

 Software Engineering
SWTL-E.A. specializes in producing end-user, Window's® based, internet related software programs. Currently, we are among the fastest growing Independent Software Developers and Vendors in East Africa. We work with other companies to provide them with custom back end, front end, e-commerce, data collection, database and specialized solutions. They include: Library Information Management Software, School Management Software, Customer Relationship Management Software, and Laboratory Management Software among others.
 Web Development
At SWTL-E.A. , we benefit our clients in 2 ways; save money and make more money. We help them make more money by implementing online marketing campaigns; create direct mail pieces, online magazine ads, or a new website. Or we help a client save money by building them a content management system so they can update their website themselves without having to pay for full continual maintenance.
Software Upgrades
We deploy software upgrades and updates to our customers
A software upgrade is a purchase of a newer version of software you currently use. For example, if you currently use Exchange 2003 and you buy and install Exchange 2007, you’ve just upgraded your software.
A software update, also called a patch, is made available to customers as a fix for a bug in the software or it is a minor enhancement to the software. Updates sometimes include new drivers which support the latest hardware such as printers, CD drives and the like. It is applied over software that you already have installed. A software update is not a full software package.

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