Voice/IP Telephony

Communicating with clients, employees, and other business associates is imperative in today's competitive environment. To that end, the management of your telecommunications is fundamental to optimal business communication. SWTL-E.A. can tailor a comprehensive and strategic solution for your company. We can provide an experienced specialist to manage your telecommunications and IT services. Whether you need a business telephone system, or any other communications service, we are well versed in all available voice technology including VOIP, Hosted Services and Traditional PBX.
We also offers a whole range of solutions for Call and Contact Centers focused on setting up, solving, improving, and revitalizing the Call/Contact Center. SWTL-E.A.’s solutions have been installed and tested in Call/Contact Centers all over Kenya, responding to some of the most demanding requirements of the modern Contact Centers. Our recording solution is totally integrated with the CRM Optimizer allowing telephone conversations to be recorded using two different methods:

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